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Is it “the end” or is it “the beginning”?

From the beginning of time I suppose “the end” has always been an issue, but most recently it appears to be of great concern. What exactly does “the end” mean anyway? The end of the world, the end of humanity; is it all going to go up in a big puff of smoke? Personally, and it may be because I am confident of my own life after death, I think what most people are concerned about is the uncertainty of life as we know it. Living the American dream seems to be on its way out and a new promise of hard times is staring us in the face. The fiscal cliff will affect us all in one way or another. My question is “How are we as Christians, supposed to deal with it? “ Do we worry ourselves sick over it or is there a possibility of having peace and contentment in or hearts through it all?
Since the day I started following the Lord Jesus Christ, I have been taught that the Bible is the truth, Gods ways are not man’s ways and peace and joy do not come as a result of having a surplus in the bank; rather, it comes as a result of trusting that God loves us, will take care of us and never leave us helpless or alone. If we truly believe this, how will it affect our decisions for the future?
This is the question we have had to ask ourselves in order to make a solid decision in our hearts about how we are going to proceed with our plans for the ranch. On paper it does not look good. New tax laws will affect non-profits, the cost of living will go up, jobs are going to be cut, and taxes will be a burden for us all. At the end of the day though, we have to say God is good and when it comes down to it, our faith does not rest in the state of the economy. God will accomplish his purpose. The lack of money reveals his provision. Illness reveals his care and compassion. Death reveals an eternity with him in heaven. Sin cannot stop his purpose as the payment for sin has been paid by Jesus death on the cross, and our inadequacy cannot stop it as our weakness only reveals his strength. Ultimately what Satan intends for evil, God can use for good. With all this in mind, our decision is simple because the mission of the ranch is to bring hope and encouragement into the lives of children and their families. The very thing we need more of, not less.
So, for us it is only the end of a year. A year in which we took necessary steps in order to get out of debt and become completely available for the vision we believe we are called to. A year where we became organized and got our feet wet working with children, and finally a year that grew our faith as these things took place. It is also the beginning. The beginning of a journey of faith, as we go into this uncertain economy expecting the Lord to provide what is needed for this vision to flourish and grow.
We hope you will become involved in this journey with us. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated and as soon as we are able to relocate, we will need volunteers in several areas, so be praying about that as well.
From Sweetwater Youth Ranch,
God Bless and Happy New Year!

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