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Its not about the horse

You may be asking yourself “If it’s not about the horse, why am I reading this?” or, “What do horses have to do with spiritual insight?” Honestly, it was something that never crossed my mind till one day we were watching a demonstration of a new concept for us called natural horsemanship. We had gone to the event with our daughters 4h group. It went something like this…

Sitting high up in the stadium seats, the hustle and bustle of the crowd began to die down as the music got louder and people made their way from the vending to their seats.  A hush came over the crowd as we all anticipated what was about to happen. The gate opened and the thundering sound of 28 hoof beats came through onto the arena floor. As if they were a herd on a wide open range, they galloped in unison around the edge of the arena. Perhaps a figment of my imagination but it was as if they were in sync with the music.

They continued around the edge of the area for the length of three for four songs then the gate opened once more. This time two people, a lady dressed in English riding attire and a man dressed in leather chaps and cowboy hat entered onto the arena floor. Five of the seven horses exited, while the two left behind continued to gallop still in unison as if the others hadn’t left. Half a song later, without changing gate or skipping a beat one of the horses turned 180 degrees and began galloping in the opposite direction. Neither horse seemed confused or even affected by the change. Along with 2000 other spectators, I was thoroughly captivated! I tried to see cues from what was obviously their masters but it was almost impossible to detect!  This continued for several minutes- each horse following the lead of their own master. It amazed me that they were able to pass each other without hesitation. I had never seen horses passing up and opportunity to follow one another. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, the big awe came when they each stopped, turned to face their master and ran to them. With multiple possible distractions, these horses only had one thing in mind– keeping their eyes on their master.  

Job 12:7 says “But now ask the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fouls of the air and they shall tell thee:”

This was more than a wow, it was humbling and beautiful and went straight to the core of my soul! My eyes welled up with tears as I realized that God was speaking to me. He said, “that, my child, is what I’m asking of you. You have the free will to go anywhere and do anything you want– there are others you can follow but I’m asking you to turn to me, follow my lead- forsaking all others because I created you and love you more.” 

That day, that moment, that message, changed everything–absolutely everything!

So, no..its not about the horse…

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