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Its not about the horse

You may be asking yourself “If it’s not about the horse, why am I reading this?” or, “What do horses have to do with spiritual insight?” Honestly, it was something that never crossed my mind till one day we were watching a demonstration of a new concept for us called natural horsemanship. It went something like this…

Sitting high up in the stadium seats the hustle and bustle of the crowd began to die down as the music got louder and people made their way from the vending to their seats.  We were all anticipating what was about to happen. Some knew what was about to happen, or at least had an idea but we were clueless. All we knew was we were with our daughters 4H group for a horse related activity that promised to be exciting! Looking out onto the arena floor we saw the gate open and a stream of horses came galloping through. A hush came over the crowd as we watched seven of the most beautiful horses gallop around the edge of the arena almost as if they were in sync with the music! There is something about the sound of hoofs, many hoofs, galloping that makes my heart skip a beat– for some its the smell of horses, for me its the sound of thunder created by their hoofs. Together they continued galloping around the edge of the arena for the length of 2 or 3 songs. Not really knowing the purpose of what was happening we assumed these horses were wild and someone was going to wow us by taming them. We were in for a shock!  The gate opened once more and two people entered onto the arena floor as five of the seven horses exited, leaving two behind. The lady and gentleman made their way to the center of the arena, she dressed in English attire and him, obviously a cowboy, dressed in cowboy attire. The two horses continued to gallop around the edge of the arena as if the others hadn’t left.  That’s when the wow came.  One of the horses turned 180 degrees heading in the other direction without changing gate. Now these horses were traveling at the same speed only in opposite directions. It became apparent these were not wild horses, rather, very well trained and tuned into their handlers. I tried to watch for cues but it was almost impossible to detect!  After a few rounds, one horse turned direction and continued still galloping but in opposite directions of each other. I was amazed that they passed each other without hesitation to stop or turn to follow each other. This went on for several minutes, each horse following the lead of their handler then subsequently each horse stopped, turned to face their master and ran to them. One arena, two horses, 2000 people with multiple possible distractions but these horses only had one thing in mind. To keep their eyes on their master and be obedient no matter what the else was happening.  

Job 12:7 says “But now ask the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fouls of the air and they shall tell thee:”

This was more than a wow, it was humbling and beautiful and went straight to the core of my soul! My eyes welled up with tears as I realized that God was speaking to me. He said, “that, my child, is what I’m asking of you-you have the free will to go anywhere and do anything you want– there are others you can follow but I’m asking you to turn to me forsaking all others because I created you and love you more.” 

That day, that moment, that message, changed everything–absolutely everything!

So, no..its not about the horse…

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