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Its not about the horse

You may be asking yourself “If its not about the horse, why am I reading this?” or, “What do horses have to do with spiritual insite?” Honestly, it was something that never crossed my mind till one day we were watching a demonstration of a new concept for us called natural horsemanship. It went something like this…

We were sitting in the stadium seats looking out into the arena. The sound of upbeat music filled the air while we waited for something to happen on in the arena floor. Along with everyone around us, we were anticipating what was about to happen. Actually, we had no idea what was going to happen, all we knew was we were with our daughters 4H group for a horse related activity and they promised it would be exciting!

All of the sudden the gate opened and 7 horses came galloping through. They were beautiful! It was almost as if the sound of  their hooves were keeping beat with the music…staying together as a herd they continued galloping around the edge of the arena for the length of the 2 or 3 songs. It was cool to watch but in my mind I was thinking whats the purpose here? Phillip thought it as well. We concluded that these horses were wild and someone was going to wow us by taming. Was I in for a shock!  The gate opened once more and two people entered onto the arena floor as 5 of the seven horses exited, leaving two behind. As the two continued to make their way around the arena it was as if the others hadn’t left. The two people, a man and lady, made their way to the middle of the arena; then something happened that was completely unexpected.  One of the horses turned 180 degrees heading in the other direction without changing gate. Now these horses were traveling at the same speed only in opposite directions. I had no idea what had just happened, I just new it was really cool. I started picking up on things when I noticed the man was facing one of the horses while the lady was facing the other; they must be the master’s of these horses. After a few rounds each horse turned direction and continued still in opposite directions passing each other without hesitation to stop or turn to follow each other. A little while longer and subsequently each horse stopped, turned to face their master and ran into them. One arena, two horses each with its own master giving instructions so subtle it seemed they were the only ones that knew what was really happening. A majestic scene unfolded right before my eyes..

Job 12:7 says “But now ask the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fouls of the air and they shall tell thee:”

Immediately my eyes swelled up with tears as I realized that God was speaking to me. He said “that, my child, is what I’m asking of you”. He wanted me to realize that I have the free will to go anywhere and do anything I want.. there are others I can follow or I can turn to the love of the one who created me; the one that loves me and knows my every need..my master..the Lord God Almighty..

So, no..its not about the horse

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