Sweetwater Youth Ranch

Sweetwater Youth Ranch offers one on one mentoring with the horses.

Youth earn a sense of responsibility by working closely with the animals.

Sweetwater Youth Ranch gives children the opportunity to build relationships with the animals and the volunteers.

Meet Sweetwater Youth Ranch. Want to find out who we are and what we do? Take a few minutes to watch this video.
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Our Mission

While providing a safe home for rescue horses, our mission is to connect children with horses for a mutual relationship that forges trust, respect, and responsibility in a Christ centered environment.

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Wish List for Tractor Supply:

Electro-braid Fencing
T Post
Field Fencing
Split Rails
2 4 D weed Killer
10 Ft. galvanized fence panels and gate
Trace Mineral Block
Mane and Tail Combs
Hoof Picks